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SD Riber



SD Riber is the new texture that visually is like at the organic lines of wood, and so elegant with its natural effect. It is a iridescent laminate, both for the natural grain of the wood and for the roughness of its surface when is exposed to different natural or artificial lights. Like all Linear veneer, it is available for all models of Linear Plus, Inserti, Inside, Modula Glass and Kamaleont collections.

Collection Linear
Articolo: 469

Finishing: SD Riber
Grain: vertical
Available frame: R3 Top / R3 Deisgn

Kamaleont – Art. 469SD

Available frame: R3 Design/strong>

with 90x10x25 mm Multilayer outer cover and ds 70x10x20 mm Multilayer inner cover, R3 straight frame made of wood planking and adjustable pivot hinge

Available frame: R3 Top

with 90x10x25 mm outer plywood and ds 70x10x20 mm inner plywood row cover, R3 straight frame made of blockboard and three-axis adjustable concealed hinge

Inside – Art. 718v

SX: Inside – Art. 705v | DX: Inside √Člite – Art. 741v

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