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Abaco Doors
Abaco Doors

SD Cenere



Create your own style with the doors of the Inside collection by Ciesse Domus. The framed systems allow you to add light to environments by alternating glass and wood on the surfaces.

Collection Linear
Article: 468

Finishing: SD Cenere
Grain: horizontal
Available frame: R3 Top / R3 Deisgn

SX: Inside √Člite – Art. 741v | DX: Inside – Art. 763v

Available frame: R3 Design

with 90x10x25 mm outer plywood and ds 70x10x20 mm inner plywood coverframe, R3 straight frame made of wood planking and adjustable hinge to balance

Available frame:: R3 Top

with 90x10x25 mm plywood outer coverboard and 70x10x20 mm ds plywood inner coverboard, R3 straight frame in wood planking and three-axis adjustable concealed hinge

Inside – Art. 761c

Linear – Art. 468

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